Puerto Rico will return to dress up for major league games


Puerto Rico
   will return to dressing up by organizing on Tuesday and Wednesday games of his sport king, baseball, with a series of two major league games, between the Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Twins, the first two games of the highest level in the island since 2010. It will be again at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, where some 39,000 spectators are expected between the two days, where the Indians and the Twins will offer a great show for fans of the sport of bat and ball, the main discipline in most of the Caribbean and other countries in South America. In the already legendary stadium, which has served as the opening venue for the 1979 Pan American Games and five rounds of three of the four editions of the World Baseball Classic, it will once again be the home of these two challenges, which will mark the 49th and 50 Major League Baseball that are held in Puerto Rico. In Bithorn, named after the first Puerto Rican baseball player to play in the Major Leagues, both games will be led by Puerto Rican baseball players
   Francisco Lindor
   and Roberto “Bebo” Pérez de los Indios, as well as Eddie Rosario and José Orlando Berríos for the Twins.
In the same way, the Dominicans Miguel Sanó, José Ramírez, Edwin Encarnación, and their representatives are expected to participate and represent their communities on the island.
   Fernando Rodney
   and Erik González, the Venezuelans
   Carlos Carrasco
  , Gabriel Moya,
   Ehire Adrianza
   Eduardo Escobar
  and the Cuban
   Yonder Alonso
  . This pair of games, nevertheless, arrive after that in the 2016 season a series of challenges between the Pirates of Pittsburgh, where the legendary Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente played, and the
   of Miami, they were suspended by the Major Leagues due to the fear that some player would get infected with Zika. Similarly, the meetings will be held almost seven months after the catastrophic passage of Hurricane Maria on the island, and that equally severely affected the baseball park, but the ambition of the promoter of the games -MB Sports- was a priority to encourage to the Puerto Ricans before any vicissitude. “This comes at a time that is necessary for the country, we should not give as much color to what could not happen between the Pirates and the Marlins, it’s good to go now, because instead of being those teams, they can not be compared to the detail of the Puerto Rican players who will be now, “baseball historian Jossie Alvarado told Efe. “The games come at a necessary time because the country was waiting for something like this, which shows that more games can come in the future, what they are preparing is that here are minds ready to celebrate both shows,” Alvarado emphasized. sports planning of MB Sports. Puerto Rico has been holding Major League games since 2001, when it hosted the inaugural game of the season between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays. In 2002 and 2003, the San Juan Park organized 33 home games of the now defunct Montreal Expos, as well as five rounds of the first three editions of the World Baseball Classic. Similarly, in the 2010 season, the Marlins and the New York Mets, held several games between the dates of May 13 and 16, days after the Puerto Rican Edwin Rodriguez was named pilot of the Marlins, after the dismissal to Freddy González. In that way, Rodriguez became the first Puerto Rican leader in the Major Leagues. Both matches on Tuesday and Wednesday will begin at 07.05 a.m. – local time. “Major League baseball is a spectacle, and anywhere that Major League baseball gets to celebrate this type of event, it is a sure success because of the quality of the game, its environment, because you will be part of the story. “, emphasized Alvarado. The author of several books mentioned that MB Sports has the capacity and effort to bring other teams’ series and that they have Puerto Rican baseball players, such as
   of Houston with
   Carlos Correa
  , the Cardinals of San Luis with
   Yadier Molina
   or the Cubs of Chicago with Javier Báez. “MB Sports has shown that they have the capacity to organize this kind of events, that they do well and it gives them good results,” he said. Today
   the MLB
  , through the organization Pitch In For Baseball, announced that it has donated $ 75,000 in sports equipment to the Little League of Puerto Rico with the purpose of impacting 150 teams on the Island and helping in the recovery of the sport, seven months after passing of Hurricane Maria.


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