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Pugacheva in a new got from the "mod" Vasiliev

Fashion historian and host of the show “Fashion sentence” Alexander Vasilyev called the singer Alla Pugacheva “the legislator of bad taste in Russia”. A few years ago, the couturier said that the Prima donna always had "a terrible hairstyle, which many copied, and ugly robes." Also, the fashion designer was outraged by the habit of the singer to wear mini-dresses, opening the "elephant-like legs."


On the Youtube-show “A talk?”, The journalist Anna Shikhman asked Vasilyev about the reasons for the harsh remarks about the nationwide favorite. The couturier did not give up his words, but complained to journalists, who "illegally" published his statements.

“This interview was filmed in a completely illegal manner in Murmansk. They came to an exhibition of old fans, which I did. And the journalist of the Pigalitsa system began asking questions about Alla Pugacheva. I said this and absolutely do not deny it, ”answered Vasilyev.

According to the historian of fashion, bad taste is a companion to the life of many nations, but after years it can become fashionable and stop being considered something bad.

“Everything that is in fashion in 2019 is not based on elegance and good taste, but on bad taste. In the fashion of bright pink, bright green. Everything that Alla Borisovna wore, which seemed to us 15 years ago to be a wild ugliness, today seems to us a very fashionable highlight, ”the designer considers.

He did not refuse to comment on the demonstration of Pugacheva’s massive legs under short dresses.

“I think that when a lady is full, she should not wear a mini. There were moments at the diva when she was very full and continued to wear a mini. I told it to them one-on-one, and they just replicated, ”Vasiliev justified.

Next, the style historian began to talk about the birth of fashion for overalls: it was introduced by the Greek singer Demis Roussos in the 70s of the last century. According to Vasilyev, at that time Pugacheva used this trend “very appropriately”.

“Alla Borisovna is of small stature, she is a miniature woman, especially now. She performed at the fifteen thousandth stadiums – collected huge ones. If she was dressed in tight-fitting clothes or in some kind of figure — say, a feminine dress — no one would have seen it. She was running like a crazy on huge grounds of a football field, and the robe served her the banner of this art, ”the fashion designer explained.

According to him, the Diva wanted to appear bigger and more noticeable: for this reason, she also began to wear wigs and high platforms.

“She wanted to increase herself for the proportion of the huge stadium where she was going,” concluded the designer.

Currently, Alexander Vasilyev and Alla Pugacheva have friendly relations. A month ago, a fashion historian visited the diva to pick up 13 of her clothes for his museum. This information was confirmed by the singer’s spouse Maxim Galkin.

“Alla handed over to Alexandra her dresses of different years for the exhibition and his wonderful Fashion Museum,” the artist wrote in her instagram.

On the eve, Galkin commented on the charges of preparing an attempt on the life of singer Philip Kirkorov in Makhachkala in 2017. The humorist suggested that the consequences of the “spring aggravation” were the cause of such reports. According to Galkin, he understood why rumors on this topic spread so quickly in the press: judging by the amounts indicated in the media, someone does not appreciate Kirkorov’s life sufficiently. According to the failed killer, Galkin allegedly promised him 2 million rubles, reportsREN TV.

“I have only one request: do not disturb Philip. He is very upset that it is so cheap, ”said the comedian in his video message posted on Instagram.

Earlier, one of the suspects in the preparation of the explosion at the concert of Philip Kirkorov said that he had not planned to organize the attack. According to him, he received an order to kill the singer from Galkin, who is currently married to the former wife of Kirkorov.

According to the publication"Kommersant", the Dagestan Department of the Interior Ministry refused the accused to interrogate Kirkorov, Galkin and Pugacheva. The ministry considered that in this way the accused was trying to evade responsibility and delay the investigation.



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