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Pugacheva sent Nachalova to the cemetery :: Show business :: Days.ru

Today, April 15, the anniversary marks Alla Pugacheva. Anna Isaeva, an ex-employee of the Julia Nachalova team, told about the prima donna's secret help.

Julia Nachalova died on March 16 from extensive blood poisoning. On March 21, a popular singer was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery. The singer was only 38 years old. Shortly after the death of the actress, information appeared that relatives had no means to bury Yulia in an expensive churchyard. However, an official refutation of this data quickly appeared.

And now Anna Isaeva – until recently, the representative of Yulia Nachalova – admitted that Alla Pugacheva had provided assistance in this matter. She told about it on her official Instagram page. “Alla Pugacheva responded to Yulia the tragedy the day after her death. She wrote to the competent authorities asking for help in the burial of singer Yulia Nachalova,” said Anna Isaeva and congratulated Alla Pugacheva on her anniversary.

The prima donna was one of the first to respond to the news of Nachalova’s death. In her account in the popular social network, she posted a photo of the deceased singer and wrote: "While you remember and love, you are immortal. Goodbye bright, kind and infinitely talented girl …"

The death of Julia Nachalova shook the entire domestic show business. It was hard to imagine that a normal callus could be fatal. Later it turned out that the 38-year-old singer had a whole bunch of diseases, including gout and diabetes. According to Julia's relatives, health problems were the result of her anorexia.


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