Pulses, Culture | The transformation took Lothepus 4.5 hours

Leif Einar Lothe (52), better known as Lothepus, is one of twelve Norwegian celebrities who have piled up on sky-high heels, and thrown on the feather boa, to be turned into a drag queen in The TV series «Drag Me Out».

Lothepus would not be more fussy than his friend Petter Pilgaard who is also the one he competes against in both drag and mime duel.

Which of them wins the coveted title «tonight’s drag queen», we do not get the answer to in the episode that airs May 16th.

Lothe herself is excited to see the result of replacing the cowboy hat and coverall with wig and catwalk.

– The heaviest thing was to wear high heels, it was just like walking on stilts, Lothe tells BA.

Shows his support for gays

He goes on to say that the transformation took a full 4.5 hours in the make-up chair and that it has therefore not given more flavor.

– Unlike other participants, who got nicer, I probably only really got worse. I looked like an old char. But now I have tried it too, he laughs.

Lothepus did not just say yes to the program to try to win over Pilgaard. He is also involved in marking the crooked cultural year 2022.

This year it is 50 years since sex between men was decriminalized in Norway, and it is marked with several events across the country.

In the front line for the law change were drag queens. Together with trans women, it was drag queens who fought with fists and stiletto heels in the Stonewall uprising in New York in 1969, and this helped to form a starting shot for the gay struggle in the world, and in Norway.

– I joined to support those who are as they are, says Lothepus.

He has already received a lot of feedback, including from his own family.

– They think I was tough to join. Then they were laughing to death when they saw the result.

– An impatient soul

In the series, host Jan Thomas brings with him six drag mentors.

One of them is Dean Erik “Diva Dean” Andersen, who was given a challenging task of taking Lothepus under his wings.

– I met a nervous Lothepus who did not know what he was going for. He is extremely jovial and fun, but this was outside the comfort zone, Andersen says.

He goes on to say that Lothe was in experienced hands, and that he spent a lot of time making him feel safe.

– We had to build stone by stone. He is an impatient soul, and it was a lot of new, with loose lashes and itching that itched. But when he went out on stage, a change happened and he delivered. He expresses respect for our industry and how much it takes, Andersen concludes.