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Pumas UNAM vs. Tijuana – Match Report – April 14, 2019

MEXICO (Graciela Resendiz) – Without Bruno Marioni on the bench for expulsion, Pumas won 1-0 against Xolos de Tijuana near the final whistle, so the college students are still alive facing a possible Liguilla at the Clausura 2019.

Pumas reached 16 points in match of the day 14, while the frontiers were left with 22.

Although the teams formed with a 4-4-2, the visitor multiplied when defending; even with six elements they covered the possible income to zone of dangers to the university students. But Marioni's pupils also had no talent, talent, to cross that barrier that only allowed them to reach three quarters of court.

The coach Oscar Pareja was forced to send to the bench his star Gibran Lajud, because the team is behind in the sum of minutes of their young children, rule forced to comply, if not punished with points.

Carlos Higuera responded to Pumas' lack of demand, regardless of whether his defensive line protected him by doing a good job. Pumas could not have depth, because in part the rival did not allow it. The booing of the fans, at the end of the first half, was heard loudly, before the very poor performance of the felines.

Marioni made two changes in the restart of the game; got Juan Manuel Iturbe for Malcorra and Pablo Barrera for Martín Rodríguez; none changed the history of the game, although now Pumas did sometimes go deep, but without the punch that characterizes him playing at home.

At 80 ', the frontiers could have killed Pumas, but Miler Bolaños and Fabián Castillo could not define. Pumas wanted to react in the last 10 '.

Idekel Domínguez sent to the stick a shot to the 81 'and immediately Marioni returned to give the note. He picked up the ball to speed up the game and beat him in the chest to Omar Mendoza, which provoked an outbreak of anger in which both benches were involved outside the court.

The Auriazul helmsman was sent off in 82 'and 88' fell the score, that much needed by the Pedregal by Carlos Gonzalez.

In the corner kick, the Paraguayan finished with the head and sent the ball to the bottom. Although the whistle Jorge Isaac Rojas added 4 ', Xolos did not have the arrests nor the time to tie, and the fans fired Pumas with applause, leaving aside the whistles in the first part.


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