“punished” to watch only one television channel

“We can only see for more than a month, Antenna3 and the rest of the channels we cannot tune in because the repeater pole failed and we have been waiting for it to be fixed for more than a month ”.

The subject is of municipal competence “and the mayor told us that it would be fixed in a few days, but we keep waiting and it’s been almost a month and a half and all the residents of Petán still can’t connect the other DTT channels”Explains one of the affected neighbors of the village of Surreira, where about 20 people live, but there are many more from other nearby areas such as Carballal that are also in the same situation” and someone has to say so. “

They are angry with the mayor. “It happens to us and that is why we have gone to this newspaper so that everyone finds out and listens to us, nor does they answer us, and all the neighbors are” black “.” For a long time we “lacked” DTT channels “and We insisted that they fix it for us, they told us that a regulator was going to be installed in the Couto that cost 1,200 euros, and even, as they always say that the City Council has no money, I offered the mayor that we would lend them to them, but they never again he knew and nobody comes here and we continue without television for just one month and three weeks. ”

On Tuesday, “we called to ask how the matter was and they told us that the damaged pieces of the repeater post had been sent to Coruña because they couldn’t fix it in Santiago, and we no longer know how long they will have us like this.”

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Yesterday, this newspaper contacted the mayor of A Cañiza, Luis Piña, to find out where this issue is and assured that in a maximum of a week or 10 days at the most, it would be fixed and that from now on “they will be able to see 100 percent of the channels“.

Piña explains that the repair time is on time and it must be borne in mind that this is not like changing a light bulb. The devices are already repaired and now the specialized technical team is needed to install them. “Before, we had an operator who took care of the poles, but he died”, and we had to send the equipment to Televés and now, they are repaired and about to arrive.