Pupils forced to sing the Rome anthem. Parents protest: “My Lazio son was crying”

In chorus to sing the anthem of Rome, in front of a screen. This is what we see in a video that went viral on social networks on Saturday 28 May.

The images bounced off the net, a few seconds in all, show about twenty children, with masks on their faces, singing a song. The photos of the celebrations scroll on the television, with the players who were the protagonists of the Tirana victory engaged in the relative celebrations. The audio transmits the verses of the well-known song by Antonello Venditti: “Roma Roma”, also sung by children

According to the Adnkronos agency, the children, who “would have been forced to sing the hymn in class”, are from the “Caterina Usai elementary school”, in the Talenti area. But in that classroom, not all the pupils present would have been happy to celebrate the cup recently won by José Mourinho’s team. The news agency in fact reported the comment of a parent who, in denouncing the episode, said: “My son is from Lazio and was crying”.