Pure envy, more than a decade making your customers envious

Marketing has undergone a revolution since 2020 and all advertising agencies have had to reinvent themselves, experiment and offer effective solutions to their clients. Many agencies, after these hard months, have had to face unforeseen situations and scenarios for their clients. Pure envy is one of them.

The Malaga marketing and advertising agency has been consolidating, year after year, based on the efforts of its promoters and the trust placed by its clients in its more than 11 years of experience. This tour full of successes, makes them one of the reference agencies in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

“We live in times in which the packaging is as important or more than the content, and at Puraenvidia we focus on both facets, aware of the importance of boosting sales without sacrificing the quality of the company’s commercial message,” they explain from the company.

Applying this maxim, the agency has recently won three awards – Best use of the message on web spot, Best execution on web and Best execution on web spot – in the IV Edition of Salud Festival, the International Festival of Food and Health Advertising for its campaign “Add life to your life.” This is an action for a Basque company that provides its cardiovascular prevention services in Tenerife and that relies on Puraenvidia to attract customers all over the world, showing that the decentralization of processes is the present.

Currently, Puraenvidia manages projects for both local and international brands, with important and recognized clients from sectors such as health, construction, legal, hospitality, leisure, real estate and aesthetics. This wide spectrum of activities, according to their managers, has helped them to share experiences and successfully apply ideas in customer acquisition strategies.

During its years of solid history, this agency has placed the emphasis on helping its clients achieve their business goals, even surpassing their competitors. In this company they know that technology and continuous adaptation is the key to being at the forefront: “Today we have to advance in the beta phase and improve the product or service by learning from the experience together with the customer,” they say.

Another key to Puraenvidia’s success is that it does not perceive itself as an external supplier, but rather as a helping hand that helps all its clients, large and small, to achieve their objectives by optimizing all resources and increasing their sales. In the words of its CEO, Habacuc Rodríguez: «We are always at the bottom of the barrel with our clients, celebrating their successes and leaning our shoulders in bad times, reinventing ourselves and adapting at all times to provide the best solution to any unforeseen scenario, as we have made during the pandemic and in the harshest years of the financial crisis. We are children of adversity, “says the person in charge.

Not surprisingly, it should be noted that many of their clients have come to Puraenvidia at a critical time, where they even considered closing the business, but thanks to the advice of the agency’s team of professionals they have managed to cope with the storm and leave reinforced.

With an eye to 2022, those responsible for Puraenvidia, assure: “The challenges for companies are going to be greater in all aspects and it is key to face them as a team and surrounded by people with will, talent and vision for the future.”

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