purses and crack pipe found in stolen vehicles

Two cars were intercepted by the police last night, in Nantes and Rezé.

Le Figaro Nantes

The night of Monday to Tuesday November 22 was agitated. In Rezé, the police found, in a stolen car, two women’s handbags, a shopping bag, and other objects probably also stolen.

At 1:10 a.m., the police spotted a motorist traveling at high speed on the road to Pornic, in Bouguenais. Searches indicate that this is a reported stolen vehicle. Once the latter was intercepted, the driver and his passenger, aged 20 and 21, were arrested. In addition to the looted material, the police discover that the driver does not hold a driving license. The two young people are then taken into custody. An investigation is underway.

A few hours later, at 5:05 am, rue des Dervallières, in Nantes, the police noticed another vehicle reported stolen. Checking the individual inside, they discover him making himself a homemade crack pipe. The latter, aged 40, was taken into custody.

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