Putin announces new Russian vaccine against coronavirus

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Mexico City / 27.08.2020 11:54:03


The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that a second vaccine against the coronavirus, covid-19, is in development, which will be developed by the Vektor Research Center of Novosibirsk. She assured that it will be ready in September of this year. She also explained that first vaccine against coronavirus of all the world, Sputnik V, is in the process of being commercialized, after being tested by her own daughter.

Also, the Russian president expressed that he is certain that this vaccine is safe and effective to combat the coronavirus pandemic, this was reported by the RT medium, who rescued an interview that Putin was conducted on the Rossiya channel.

The second vaccine – against the coronavirus – will be ready as I am informed in September and is being developed by the famous Véktor Institute in Novosibirsk. I am sure that the specialists at Véktor will create an excellent drug that will be of great help to people.”, He revealed.

Russia christened its coronavirus vaccine “Sputnik V” (V for victory) in homage to the Soviet satellite, as announced by the president of the sovereign wealth fund involved in its creation, this after it became the first country in the world to register the vaccine to end the covid-19 pandemic.

“More than a billion doses” were ordered by 20 foreign countries, Kirill Dmitriev said, specifying that phase 3 of the trials will begin on Wednesday. The sovereign fund indicated that the start of industrial production is scheduled for September.

It was on August 11 when the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that his country had managed to be the first in the world to register a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

“This morning a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered for the first time in the world,” the Kremlin chief said in a meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers.

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