Putin has a very serious problem

Ukrainians claim that as part of the counter-offensive in the east and south of the country, which was carried out from the beginning of September, they recovered around 9,000. km2 of its territory, which is the size of Cyprus.

Prof. Agnieszka Legucka, a specialist on Russia from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, said on TVN24 on Saturday that “the Russians are failing on the battlefield with Ukraine.” – In Russia we are dealing with a victory for the war party, there are no more liberals – she added.

– Putin has a very serious problem with the fact that the Russians do not want to join the army. They have to gather in prisons so-called volunteers for the Russian army, with heavy sentences – said Legucka, emphasizing that recently a serial killer was posthumously awarded the order of the hero of Russia.

She further explained that the Russians have a problem with recruiting to the army. – Those who receive money on the fronts do not want to fight anymore, because they fail at the front – she added.

Why did Putin attack Ukraine? Legucka explains

According to her, “Putinism is facing the most important problems.” – One of the reasons why Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine was that he was losing his internal legitimacy. The internal momentum has lost precisely the economic problems Russia is facing, she assessed.

In her opinion, Putin would have to opt for the democratization of the regime, but instead chose imperialism and territorial expansion. – Unfortunately, the Russians like it very much, that is, such a power of Russia observed on TV screens as the so-called “special military operation” – explained Legucka.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 and turned into the largest armed conflict in Europe since the end of World War II and the fall of Nazi Germany.

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