Putin has already lost the basic goal of the war, says an HN expert. However, Zelenský’s time may also be shortened by the West

It was supposed to be a fast war, but it is going static. The plan was clear at the beginning. A Russian airdrop on February 24 at Kiev airport was to strike a quick strike. However, neither the arrival of reinforcements nor the possible capture of the Ukrainian leadership took place, and the domestic troops regained the strategic point within a few hours. This moment seemed to set another tone.

During the invasion, Moscow chose a not-so-effective strategy and opened up to five fronts. Namely Kiev, Kharkov, Donbas, Crimea and Mariupol. The latter is experiencing the greatest damage. Even there, however, on Thursday, the 36th day of fighting, according to the British Ministry of Defense, domestic forces held the city center. This is not the only unfulfilled intent.

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