Putin has lowered the threshold for using nuclear weapons in Ukraine / Article

An interview with Tom Rostock, director of the National Defense Academy’s Center for Security and Strategic Research

According to him, the message of the Russian President today had two parts. The first was about partial mobilization in Russia, and the second – about the possible use of nuclear weapons.

“That part is very unpleasant, because in fact the Russian president lowered the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons [karā] in Ukraine.

This does not mean a nuclear war on a global scale, but in fact the Russian president announced that if Russia’s territorial integrity is threatened, then he reserves the right to use nuclear weapons.

And this is in clear contradiction with what is written in the Russian nuclear doctorate,” Rostok said.

In his opinion, the rest of the world should start taking Russia’s threat of possible use of nuclear weapons more seriously. True, the partial mobilization in Russia means that the threat of a possible nuclear war is decreasing, at least in the short term.

“Because Russia will try to improve the situation with conventional means,” argued Rostok, noting that the first reactions from the West show that what Putin announced should be seen as a bluff rather than a real commitment to use nuclear weapons.


In an address to the nation on Wednesday, September 21, Russian President Putin announced that a partial mobilization of the Russian armed forces will be announced. The Kremlin master accused the West of threatening Russia and stressed that he would do everything to protect Russia by any means, including nuclear weapons.

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“In its aggressive anti-Russian rhetoric, the West has crossed all borders. We constantly hear threats towards our people and country. Washington, London and Brussels are encouraging Kyiv to transfer hostilities to our territory. Nuclear blackmail is also being implemented. There are announcements from some NATO members about the possibility of using Russian nuclear weapons,” Putin claims. “I would like to remind those who make such statements that our country also has various weapons at its disposal, and they are much more modern than the NATO members. If the territorial integrity of our country, Russia and the nation are threatened, we will definitely use all the measures at our disposal. This is not a bluff .”


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