Putin Nuclear Bombs Ukraine Means Russia’s Defeat


Leaked Russian FSB emails reveal that Moscow officials have discussed President Vladimir Putin’s potential use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Photo/REUTERS

MOSCOW – If President Vladimir Putin nuclear bomb Ukraine, then it will be a defeat Russia in the eyes of enemy countries and neutral countries. That is an internal concern of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) that emerged in a leaked email (email) from whistleblower the service.

Leaks emailwhich is quoted NewsweekTuesday (29/11/2022), revealed that officials had discussed Putin’s potential use of nuclear weapons in his war with Ukraine.

Emailwhich has been shared with Newsweekdated March 17, March 21, and April 12.

Email The report was leaked by an FSB agent nicknamed “Wind of Change” to Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian human rights activist who runs an anti-corruption website.

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As of March 4, FSB sources have been writing regular dispatches to Osechkin, expressing anger and discontent within the service over the war that started when Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24. Latest letter whistleblowerdated November, reveals a “civil war” between Putin’s closest allies.

Igor Sushko, executive director of the Wind of Change Research Group, a Washington-based nonprofit, has translated the correspondence from Russian into English. He shared all email in full with Newsweek.

An earlier letter from that source was analyzed by Christo Grozev, an FSB expert, on March 6.

He said the source had shown it “to two actual (current or former) FSB contacts” that “there is no doubt it was written by a colleague.”

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