Putin only proposes one condition if Europe doesn’t want to freeze in winter

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Russian President Vladimir Putin put forward only one condition for the European Union, which is in danger of freezing ahead of winter.

Putin said the condition was the willingness of countries in the European Union to lift sanctions from Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The Russian leader insisted that the cause of the energy crisis in Europe was not because of Russia, but the European Union sanctions that made it difficult for Russia to sell it to the blue continent country.

“In the end, if it’s too difficult, if things get so difficult, go and lift sanctions from Nord Stream 2. Fifty-five billion cubic meters per year — just push the button, and it will flow,” President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after SCO Summit.

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Putin stressed that the energy crisis began not with Russia’s actions against Ukraine, but when Europe tried to reduce carbon emissions with its green energy.

“The energy crisis in Europe did not start with the start of special military operations in Ukraine. It started with a green agenda,” Putin said.

The European Union lifted sanctions from Russian fertilizers, but the decision relates only to EU countries. This is a shameful decision, Putin said.

Sanctions on freight forwarding and port calls still apply, he said at a press conference after the SCO summit.

“The EU’s food rhetoric is a bluff to solve its own problems,” the president said.

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