Putin spoke about the conversation with Poroshenko and the meeting with Trump

Putin spoke about the conversation with Poroshenko and the meeting with Trump

Author: Dmitry Kiselyov

June 10 in the Chinese city of Qingdao, the two-day summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) . The meeting was attended by the leaders of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and for the first time as new members of the organization of India and Pakistan. With their accession, the population of the states that are members of the SCO has exceeded 3 billion or more than 40% of the world’s population. At the same time, the SCO countries produce a quarter of the world’s GDP, are self-sufficient in natural resources and possess significant nuclear potential.

Russia in the company of the SCO states feels quite comfortable and confident. And President Putin, it seems, is much closer to the words of Confucius in the mouth of Xi Jinping than all this rubbish about sanctions and the Russian threat.

“Confucianism as an important component of Chinese civilization preaches the highest human ideal, which is that the world belongs to everyone, all countries should live in peace and harmony, help each other and be friendly as members of one big happy family,” the PRC President noted.

Author: Alexander Balitsky

Three-day marathon of negotiations and summits in China Vladimir Putin ends with a press conference. The main results of the SCO summit. And the current international agenda. When the leaders of the Shanghai organization met in China, the Canadian Quà © bec held its summit – sevens “.

Inside the G-7 itself, a real drama unfolded – disagreements over the possible return of Russia to the format , about the tariffs.

“As for the return to Russia of the Group of Seven and the Group of Eight, we did not get out of it.” Colleagues once refused to come to Russia on well-known grounds, please, we will be happy to see everyone in Moscow. there are internal problems as well.It should be treated calmly and without any irony.I would draw attention to another circumstance which, in my opinion, is more significant.The President of the United States stated that the United States is considering the possibilities additional This is a serious issue, which can really hurt the economic interests of so many countries, first of all, of course, European ones. “Well, let’s see how things will really develop, which is of great importance for the world economy as a whole Although it could also be noted that there is another organization where practically all countries – both the SCO and the Group of Seven – meet to discuss common issues. This is a “twenty”, – said Vladimir Putin.

Putin is asked to answer when he and Trump will discuss all the controversial accumulated problems in person.

“The President of the United States himself has repeatedly said that he considers such a meeting expedient, and I confirm: it really is so, as soon as it’s done, as soon as the American side is ready, so this meeting will be held immediately, proceeding, of course, from my working schedule.As for the place: we did not talk about this in detail, but many countries express a desire to render such assistance to us, “the head of the Russian state said.

During the summit Putin found time talk with Poroshenko . By phone.

“Since the initiative of this conversation was based on the Ukrainian side, I think that there is already an interest in the settlement, at least I hope so.” We discussed issues related to the extradition of people who are being held on both sides, discussed – already on my initiative – and the fate of the Russian journalist.It would be premature to talk about how this issue will be solved, I would refrain, first of all, in order not to disturb anything here and nothing to interfere with, “Vladimir Putin said.

The results of the SCO summit were highly estimated by the Russian president. And thanked the Chinese side for its impeccable organization. “The SCO in terms of purchasing power parity has become larger than the economy of the G-7 countries, which means that we have great prospects.” For the global economy as a whole, given that we have yet confirmed our commitment to our principles of free trade, the fight against protectionism, this is of utmost importance for the entire world trade, for the entire world economy, “the Russian president is sure.

The Shanghai organization, where the idea of ​​mutually beneficial cooperation is based, is a serious player on the world stage. Who sets the tone, it became clear on the staff from the morning meeting.

For the first time as full participants in the SCO – India and Pakistan. Until recently, it was impossible to represent these countries with historically complex relations in one team. Qingdao – literally “green island”, the capital of sails, that’s the leaders of the SCO countries together looking for a favorable wind, when the world is stormy.

From the shores of the Yellow Sea – one more step – to create a “big Eurasian space” – a zone of free trade and global security.

“One-sided approach, trade protectionism is becoming more and more evident: we must abandon the mentality of the Cold War and block confrontation and strive for universal security,” Xi Jinping said.

“Serious results in the fight against terrorism were achieved in Syria, thanks to the concerted actions of Russia, the Syrian government, Iran, Turkey, and other partners, including Kazakhstan, to a large extent to suppress terrorist activity in this country, thus opening the way to a political settlement” , – Putin noted.

Observer states join the SCO member states. Increased attention – understandably – to Iran.

“As for the nuclear agreements, I must say that Russia has played a very important and constructive role in their implementation.” The illegal US withdrawal from these agreements requires a more serious and important dialogue between our countries, “Iranian President Hasan Ruhani said.

In Chinese – bright and large – the summit was solemnly opened for the first concert of Tchaikovsky. The Chinese clearly made it clear who was a special guest here.

Putin has talks with Tajik President Rakhmon: it’s a difficult situation on the border with Afghanistan. Russia trains the Tajik military. Meeting with the head of Uzbekistan Mirzieyev. Between Moscow and Tashkent, a green corridor was opened. Through him to Russia, including vegetables and fruits. And Russia helped build a powerful gas processing plant right in the center of the desert.

“We are carrying out major projects, Lukoil alone invested 7 billion dollars in Uzbekistan,” Vladimir Putin said.

“The Kandym gas processing complex is unique, the largest in Central Asia, we work with all Russian companies in all directions in a very confidential, serious, concrete way,” Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyev said.

This crossroads of Asian and European cultures in China – Qingdao, with its atypical for China European architecture. German heritage, when in the very end of the XIX century and until 1922, this territory was under the control of Germany. But, perhaps, the most important thing that Qingdao owes to Europeans is the beer factory. Today it is a huge corporation and one of the most recognizable brands here. It’s no wonder that the first thing they treat guests to here is beer.

And also seafood. They were mostly in the menu at the reception. Proximity to the sea is the most modern port in the world. Loading, unloading, transportation: 43 containers per hour – a world record. And all the robots do

Now in China you can take even more quality Russian products, which are very fond of: beef, canned food, sweets.

On the growth of freight traffic – a detailed conversation between the leaders of Russia and already Mongolia, through which transit cargoes go. Through Mongolia will pass a high-speed railway – from China and further through all of Russia.

If China is a universally recognized world leader in high-speed rail transportation, then Qingdao is the same city where this leadership is largely laid and laid. The innovative center of Sifan railway transport, the place where trains of the future are created.

Fuxing – the so-called train, from Chinese translates as “revival”. The Chinese, apparently, had in mind their Silk Road. And it perfectly complements the initiatives of the Eurasian Economic Union. Qingdao itself is shrouded in mist, but how clear are the prospects!

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