Putin was angered by NATO’s new move. “Like fascists during the war!” rages

Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious about the decision of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) to deepen cooperation with countries located in Asia and the Pacific. In an interview with Russian television Rossiya 24, Putin compared it to the cooperation of fascist countries united in the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis. At the same time, he rejects comparisons with similar cooperation between Russia and China. According to Putin, she is absolutely fine.

“What is the United States doing? They are creating more and more new alliances. And this gives Western political scientists a reason to say that they are building a new ‘axis’,” Putin fumed in an interview with Russia’s Rossiya 24 news channel, according to TASS.

According to him, NATO’s strategic documents explicitly envisage building relations with countries in the Asia and Pacific region and aim to build a global NATO.

“Western analysts themselves, not us, but they, say that the West is building a new axis similar to the one created in the 1930s by fascist regimes in Germany and Italy and militaristic Japan,” the Russian president claimed.

At the same time, he forgot that the Soviet Union also maintained active relations with Nazi Germany, which divided Eastern Europe with it, concluded a non-aggression pact, invaded and partitioned Poland and, until the German attack on the USSR, actively supplied the Third Reich with raw materials for the conduct of the war in Western Europe.

​Putin is particularly bothered by the deepening of relations between NATO, New Zealand, Australia and South Korea. “And also at the beginning of the year, if I’m not mistaken, in January, Japan and Great Britain concluded an agreement on mutual openness, that is, on establishing and deepening relations in the military field,” Putin recalled.

According to Putin, a similar deepening of relations between Russia and China is, of course, “something else”. “Yes, we also have military-technical cooperation with them. We don’t hide it, everything is transparent from us, nothing is a secret,” the Russian president added, according to the RIA Novosti agency, adding that although Russia and China hold joint military maneuvers, they also other countries.

The Hague Tribunal issued an arrest warrant for the Russian president: