Putin was counting on it. Report straight from Ukraine

The Kremlin is attacking targets in Ukraine not only with massive and short-term, but also with smaller and more frequent shelling, Kyiv alarms. Changes are visible in the tactics of the Russians, but also in the attitude of the Ukrainians themselves. Our journalist – Tatiana Kolesnychenko, who is currently in Ukraine, talked about it in the “Newsroom” program of Wirtualna Polska. As she admitted, since September there have been “very big” changes in society in terms of the attitude of ordinary citizens and “feel stagnant”. Analysts have repeatedly alarmed that Putin has such a goal by attacking massively. – Compared to our previous trip to Ukraine in September, the change of mood in Kiev is noticeable. The changes are very big. Feel very tired and gloomy mood. While in September everyone was following the liberation of the Kharkiv region, hoping for the liberation of Kherson, which was supposed to be a turning point in this war, at the moment there is stagnation. There is no prospect of when a counter-offensive might begin, when the war might end. The city lives in very difficult conditions. She was in a district of Kiev where there are high blocks. And it is an amazing feeling when in the evening almost all windows are dark because there is no electricity. I can only imagine how these people function when they come home after work, go up to the 10th floor to a flat where it is cold and there is no water, no light. In which there is nothing but gas. The recent attack on the Dnieper block gave people a tangible feeling that death is unpredictable and so close. There’s no place you can hide. People understand that Putin wants to destroy them psychologically. But this does not affect the spirit of fighting, people know that you have to fight to the end – said Tatiana Kolesnychenko, staying in Ukraine.


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