Putin will not win the war. It can lead to the disintegration of a great power, says diplomat Povejšil

What we also ask in the interview:

  • Whether opposition voices appear in Russia after the announcement of mobilization.
  • If Putin uses nuclear weapons and what the response should be.
  • Why and by whom is Putin driven into a dead end.
  • What happens when Russia loses the war?

We can probably agree that we have to take Russian nuclear threats seriously. But why is Putin threatening them?

It is a classic escalation step that fits into the overall framework of how Vladimir Putin is handling and developing the crisis. We have to see this in connection with the fact that his aggression against Ukraine is not developing as he wanted.

To what extent do we assess the scenario of the use of nuclear weapons as realistic?

Entering this speculative space is very treacherous. But the demonstrative use of tactical nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out in the context of current developments. It can have a purpose

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