PVEM goes with Moreno to governor of Nayarit

The Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) confirmed senator with license Miguel Angel Navarro Quintero as your candidate for governor of Nayarit.

Senator Manuel Velasco Coello indicated through a message on Twitter that Navarro Quintero leads the polls and “has a track record of honor and service to Nayarit.”

“We support him as the PVEM candidate for governor and we will go with him until victory!”, Stressed the coordinator of the Green in the Senate of the Republic.

Yesterday afternoon, the leader of the PVEM in that state, Jasmine Bugarín, confirmed Navarro Quintero’s candidacy to the government, and announced that they would seek to coincide with Morena and the PT to consolidate a coalition towards 2021, after the same did the National Executive Committee of the Green.

“The PVEM has highlighted that the decision to support Senator Miguel Ángel Navarro is due to the coincidences that they have with his political project, at the same time that he is a political figure who has broad citizen support as shown by the polls that position him far above any other candidate, “said the party.

Last week it was reported that Navarro requested a leave of absence from his position as senator for Morena to pursue his aspirations as a candidate for governor; It was also announced in Nayarit that the party had denied him the candidacy.

EL UNIVERSAL published that the alliance between Morena and one of its main allies, the PVEM, was shaking, since their national leaders hardened the negotiations with a view to competing together in four entities, and that for months in the conversations they had seen difficulties in achieving unity.



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