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May 24, 2023, 10:12 am


The Pyaterochka retail chain is scaling up the introduction of thermal cut printers. Thanks to the use of new technology, the time for printing, cutting and sorting price tags in stores has been reduced by more than 2 times.

Source: X5 Group

Now printing, cutting and sorting of price tags is carried out automatically, the staff only needs to place the price tags on the trading floor. Previously, store employees worked with stationary printers – they first had to print new price tags on A4 paper, and then manually cut each price tag. Thanks to the implemented technology, employees can devote this time to other important tasks on the trading floor – displaying goods, helping guests, checking expiration dates, etc. At the moment, about 11,000 stores of the network are equipped with thermal printers, in the near future it is planned to equip the entire distribution network.

“Pyaterochka regularly introduces innovations that help automate manual and routine work in the store and organize processes in an optimal way. It also allows minimizing the human factor in mechanical and monotonous work and increasing the productivity of employees, which ultimately affects the efficiency of stores. According to the results of the survey, more than 85% of store employees use a thermal printer in their work on a daily basis and note that it is convenient to use, speeds up the process of replacing price tags and reduces the time for this buisness process at times,” he noted. Denis Tkach, director of business support for the Pyaterochka retail chain.

The pilot for the use of a new type of equipment for updating price tags in salesrooms – thermal cut printers – was launched in 2021. The project was designed to optimize the labor costs of store personnel.

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