A stomach cancer patient has some painful symptoms, such as stomach cramps, nausea and other symptoms, which require medical tests and treatment, so we know in the next few lines the most important information about stomach cancer, according to webmd. What causes stomach cancer? Scientists do not know exactly what makes cancer cells begin to grow in the stomach, but some scientists agree on a number of factors causing stomach cancer, namely: – Smoking. – Weight gain or obesity. – Follow a high diet in foods smoked, pickled or salty. – Procedure for stomach ulcers. What are the symptoms of stomach cancer ? – Indigestion. – Feeling bloated after a meal. – Burning stomach. – Nausea. – Anorexia.
With the growth of gastric tumors, some symptoms appear:
– stomachache. Blood in the stool. – vomiting. – Weight loss without reason. – Difficulty swallowing. – yellowing of eyes or skin. – Stomach tumor. – Constipation or diarrhea. – Feeling weak. – Burning stomach What are the methods of diagnosis and treatment? The patient should perform medical tests, such as blood tests, laparoscopy, and CT scans such as x-rays, examining a small part of the tissue of the stomach under the microscope. And treatment of stomach cancer, determined according to the health of the patient, may be called in some cases surgery to remove gastric tumor or follow the chemotherapy.



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