Qatar Airways recruitment fair spirals out of control and into chaos at Indian luxury hotel

Like other Middle Eastern airlines, Qatar Airways also hosts crew recruitment events around the world. This week in particular, the company is hiring a significant number of new employees from India to support its global operations.

Given the dynamics of the Gulf countries, the vast majority of the labor market is imported from other countries, especially at the lowest positions in the hierarchy. Most of the workers arrive from other Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, the Philippines, among others. They leave their countries in search of better living conditions in the Middle East.

That context was made clear during the recent recruitment fair, which took place at the Hilton Mumbai hotel, and had vacancies available for a variety of roles at the Qatari airline and its subsidiaries. However, perhaps what no one expected was the amount of people looking for an opportunity, which resulted in chaos.

Videos posted on social media (throughout this publication) show a little of what the event was like, with endless lines at the hotel’s door, which turned into great confusion and chaos, after the event’s organizers decided to limit the number of people and send the others away.

Obviously this frustrated a lot of people as people traveled from far and wide to attend this event. As a result, what was an organized process turned into agglomeration with protests and “push-push”. In the end, the protests were useless, which were peaceful, as not everyone managed to hand in their CVs, reported Indian media.