Qatar restores its financial calculations after the rescue of the Kouchner building from financial difficulties


Qatar rethinks its investment strategy after saving Kouchner's building from financial difficulties

Two sources said an unintended investment in Qatar saved a property of bankruptcy owned by the family of US President Donald Trump's Jared Kouchner, prompting Doha to reconsider its investment strategy.

Reuters said that Qatar was surprised by this investment. It inadvertently helped save a skyscraper owned by the Jared Kouchner family, which the agency described as a close ally of Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Brockfield, a global real estate investment firm, has injected many investments into the Qatari government.

In a deal last year, the Kouchner Tower, No. 666 on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in New York, saved financial difficulties.

The sources said Doha had decided that Qatar Investment Authority, the country's sovereign wealth fund, would seek to avoid injecting money into funds or other investment funds that it does not fully control.

The shift in the Qatar Investment Authority's strategy could lead to major complications on the global investment landscape as Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is one of the largest sovereign investors in the world, managing more than $ 320 billion in assets.

Source: Reuters


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