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If you ask everyone: What day is May 9th? I believe everyone will say: It is a supplementary holiday for the Buddha’s birthday holiday. But it turns out that there is indeed a festival on this day, but it has nothing to do with Buddha. It is called “Europe Day”. It is a commemoration of the “Paris Declaration” formulated by Europe after World War II in order to end the war and pursue European unity and peace. day.

Hong Kong is an international city after all. There is the European Union Office in Hong Kong and Macau, so Thomas Gnocchi, the director of the office, took advantage of this day to hold an event at the clock tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, where the consul generals of the fourteen countries gathered together and stood on the wall of the clock tower. One blue and one yellow are projected, as the flag of the European Union is a yellow star on a blue background, which is not surprising.

However, Thomas Gnocchi added that blue and yellow not only represent the European Union, but also the main colors of the Ukrainian flag, so he took this event to show his support for Ukraine and Ukrainians who are in the war.

This is why we often stress that Hong Kong is the country’s rat hole. With this gap, snakes, worms, rats and ants all took the opportunity to get in.

Anyone who understands the international situation knows that our country has always maintained a neutral attitude towards the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict. Hong Kong is Chinese territory. The EU group deliberately made small moves to support Ukraine on Chinese soil. They just wanted to impose Western attitudes on Hong Kong. , embarrassing the country.

This is obviously the attitude of one country in the “one country, two systems” principle. The EU personnel in Hong Kong and Macao are openly engaging in activities contrary to the national position in Hong Kong, and making remarks that are contrary to the national position. As the SAR government, we cannot keep silent. For example, the U.S. national policy is anti-terrorism. If the EU representatives hold activities to support bin Laden in New York and Washington, and even project bin Laden’s portrait on the big screen in Times Square, do you think there is a problem?

As the EU’s representative in Hong Kong, the blatant use of Hong Kong’s landmarks to promote political views contrary to my country’s, such a small gesture cannot be ignored. The government has always been soft-footed towards Western powers, but in some cases, if it hurts the national system, it must be tough and even protest. Lenski, the political rat hole in Hong Kong will get bigger and bigger, and it will be more difficult to clean up when the rat swarms in.
Qu Yingyan