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Qualcomm: Apple is to blame if we slow down the competition!

Even in antitrust proceedings, there can sometimes be surprises that probably nobody expected. So Qualcomm tries to turn from the accused to the victim. Thus, in principle, the points named in the allegations met, but they would just have to be embedded in an overall picture and evaluated accordingly.

The lawsuit alleges that Qualcomm is working hard to keep competitors out of Apple's mobile modem retail business. Among other things, one should give proper discounts, so that Apple does not come up with the idea, in the future with another supplier to plan. Although Qualcomm boss Steve Mollenkopf rumored that the discounts in question exist, but the whole thing would simply misinterpreted, as emerges from a report by the news agency Reuters.

Thus, the defective pricing would by no means fall back on Qualcomm's initiative. Rather, they are part of the original agreement with Apple, which made in 2011 for a switch to the modems of the provider. Previously, the Californian computer company had purchased the radio chips for its iPhones at Infineon.

Minimize risk

Apple had then, so Mollenkopf out, once a billion dollars demanded by Qualcomm, so that the change comes about. Such payments are not completely unheard of – even if they usually do not reach such levels. The problem for Qualcomm now was that there were no guarantees associated with the amount of how many chips Apple was willing to buy.

Qualcomm is therefore forced to keep the iPhone maker as long as possible as a customer. Because it takes a long time until the investment of one billion dollars in the contract ultimately amortize. It could therefore be no question that Qualcomm block the competitors in order to gain an unlawful advantage – instead, one only strives to compensate for the risk arising from the conclusion of the contract.

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Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Snapdragon 805
Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Snapdragon 805



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