Qualcomm to simplify the naming of Snapdragon chips – Computer – News

Qualcomm is going to simplify the naming of its Snapdragon chips this year. The company’s chips will now have a single-digit product name, instead of the current three-number system.

The chipmaker writes, among other things, that ‘Snapdragon’ will henceforth be a standalone brand name, which is separate from the Qualcomm brand. The company has already implemented this change; the word ‘Qualcomm’ was already missing from the Snapdragon 888+ 5G. The company now confirms that this will be continued with future products.

Currently, Snapdragon chip product names consist of three digits, but in the future this will be reduced to a single digit and a generation number, Qualcomm said. The company isn’t giving exact examples of what the Snapdragon chips will be called in the future, but the company is already doing something similar on some of its processors for computers, such as the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2.

According to the company, that change in numbering will be implemented with the introduction of its next flagship smartphone chip in the 8 series. That soc is expected to be introduced next week. A Snapdragon Tech Summit is coming soon. That presentation will be broadcasted on YouTube on December 1 at 0.00 hours Dutch time.

In the future, the company will only use gold-colored ‘product badges’ for its high-end chips, and the company will stop explicitly mentioning 5G in its product names. Support for such connectivity will be ‘a given’ in the future. The ‘fireball’, which the company uses as its Snapdragon logo, will also be used more prominently in the future.