Quality surgery at Al Hussein Medical City for a child suffering from Moya Moya disease


A medical team from the Department of Neurosurgery at Al Hussein Medical City succeeded in conducting the first operation to treat a seven-year-old child suffering from Moya Moya disease.
“The disease leads to narrowing of the arteries, especially the arteries that supply the front of the brain with blood, which works to gradually and continuously change the frontal blood circulation of the brain, causing brain strokes due to ischemia, especially in children,” said neurologist Nidal al-Khasawneh.
Al-Khasawneh pointed out that the child arrived at Al-Hussein Medical City suffering from strokes and weakness in his right limbs. After conducting radiological examinations in the Department of Internal Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology Department, he found that the child suffers from Moya Moya disease.
Al-Khasawneh said that the medical team transferred the temporal artery and placed it directly on the surface of the brain to form a new blood supply, and re-perfusion, to prevent the nervous deterioration of the child as a result of repeated strokes.
Al-Khasawneh explained that “Moya Moya” is a Japanese term meaning “puff of smoke.” This label came to resemble a puff of smoke in the radial image of the patient’s brain.


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