Quarantine follows Ghana and Congo passengers for fear of “Ebola and Lhasa fever”

02:50 PM
Thursday 17 May

Books – Taha Obaid:
Quarantine authorities at Cairo International Airport received a circular from the Central Department of Preventive Affairs at the Ministry of Health to expand the suspicion of passengers coming from Ghana and the Congo due to outbreaks of Ebola and Lhasa fever and follow-up of their health.
According to sources familiar with the quarantine at the airport, the Ministry of Health instructed them to follow the health situation of passengers coming from Ghana and the DRC directly or indirectly, due to the Lhasa fever and Ebola, and to observe the health of passengers.
The sources added: “If there are any symptoms on any passenger is isolated and medical tests, and is written health cards for those coming from these countries, and to inform the crews of airlines transporting passengers from there, to observe the health of passengers during the trip, Airport if you notice fatigue, exhaustion and low fever. ”
The sources added that the quarantine doctors at the airport under the supervision of Dr. Hazem Hussein, the quarantine manager, follow up the health situation, follow up the passenger data card, and if suspected in any case is isolated immediately, and the medical tests and transfer to the hospital diets to ensure that not infected.

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