Quarantine: Return to classes would be in October

During a day of answering questions conducted by the inhabitants of the country’s capital, Mayor Claudia López explained that the contagion in the city is on a kind of plateau that will last two more weeks and in the end August will start to go down.

“If we don’t wait for these two weeks of care and we all go out on the street, we lose all the effort we have made “, detailed the president.

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One of the most common questions had to do with the face-to-face return to classes in schools, to which the Mayor replied that new possibilities are currently being studied and that they could be launched in October.

Let’s see if in October, when we are a little better, the return is given. So we have to turn parks into classrooms, the children can go back to see face-to-face classes, so they can share with their classmates and live this school environment “he explained.

In relation to the moment that is lived in relation to the pandemic, the president stressed that work is being done jointly between health and economy.

“We are modeling, with economists and epidemiologists, like going out in shifts, going out orderly. The pandemic It will allow us to distribute the schedules, working by days and schedules. We are working on how this new distribution will be so that the pandemic does not re-trigger ”.

The Mayor explained that have a maximum of four million people per day circulating in the capital at the same time. If the whole city leaves in time, what has been advanced will be lost.

Regarding the new normal, he assured that it is sought to be durable and that it can be maintained until December, without having to enter strict quarantines again.

“We do not want a normality with traffic jam, contagion and that lasts us four weeks. We want this new normal to last us four months, with better mobility, where we have to work differently and with less risk of contagion “.

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Regarding the measures, the president assured that “we have done tests, tracking, basic income, positive patients in Corferias and pedagogy for isolation, masks and keeping distance. There are many measures we have taken. If we hadn’t Once this is done, we would have 40,000 dead, but we have 4,000, which still hurt us. “

Of the work carried out by the health sector, The president stressed that there are 3,200 people who “talk to patients positive and they track who had contact with each positive, that is epidemiological tracking (…) We tripled the number of ICUs in these months, in hospital beds we have grown a lot.



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