Quebec is negotiating the return of the Nordiques

23.11.2021 08:40

Of the former NHL teams, they probably mention the most. Peter Šťastný experienced the best seasons there, Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg or Mats Sundin started their career in profile. In 1995, however, the relocation came to Colorado. The Quebec Nordiques disappeared from the NHL 26 years ago, but there is talk of their return.

We want more of our players in the NHL, says the prime minister of the French-speaking province FRANCOIS LEGAULT

Pride is an extremely strong value in the Canadian francophone province. It also interferes with sports. There are unwritten rules that the Montreal Canadiens must have a French-speaking coach and a general manager. This is no longer the case when selecting players. On the Canadiens, however, a wave of criticism broke out from the home ranks when they had no Quebec in the lineup.

The people of the province like to remember the legendary Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveu or Guy Lafleur in the era of the Montreal dynasty. Mario Lemieux, Ray Bourque and Patrick Roy are also natives of the Francophone province. The proud part of Canada once enjoyed the success of the Nordiques and Canadiens. However, despite the recent advance to the Stanley Cup final, Montreal is currently pleasing few Quebecs. He ranks penultimate in the Eastern Conference.

THE TWO MOST POPULAR SPORTS have joined forces

Therefore, Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault caught on. He presented the vision at the Bell Center in Montreal and commissioned a 15-member commission headed by former Canadiens goalkeeper Marc Denis.

“The main goal will be to increase the number of young hockey players. I’m also concerned about the low number of Quebecs in the NHL, I think it’s around 30 to 50, ” said the prime minister, whose main goal is to increase the number of players from the province in the NHL. “Hockey is more than a sport in Quebec. We all know our heroes – Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur were hockey players who made Quebec people proud to be Quebec. “

However, Legault is not only interested in hockey, as the Prime Minister sees in the topic of political capital. “Legault’s goals are part of a long-term vision to make Quebec an economically stronger region and strengthen Quebec pride. It’s not just about hockey, but it is closely related to politics. This is not surprising, as the issue resonates with voters. ” explains Daniel Beland of the McGill Institute for The Canadian Press.

“Two of Quebec’s most popular sports have come together – hockey and nationalism,” ironically commented on the prime minister’s plan, the Montreal Gazette.

From left Marián, Peter and Anton Šťastní found a second hockey home in Quebec.

Source: CTK


However, Legault does not stay in its plan just in words. In an interview on RDS television, he admitted that he would meet with Commissioner Gary Bettman in the near future to discuss the return of the second Quebec team (Nordiques) to the league.

“We have to look at it as a great opportunity. We have a suitable arena in Quebec and we are in the process of talking to Gary Bettman. We are working on what we need to do to return the Nordiques. I think we can have a second Quebec team in the NHL, ” said the prime minister.

The return of the Nordiques would please many fans, especially if they exchanged a team from a non-hockey market (eg Arizona). However, it is questionable whether this will work. Former NHL player Bob Sirois sees a different solution for Legault’s plan.

“Quebec should have its own team at the World Junior Championships. This is something that would bring more players to the NHL. The scouts are watching the event significantly, ” Sirois told the Canadian Press. However, they are not very likely to get over it.