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The death of the Prince of Edinburgh, husband for decades of the British monarch, opens a range of famous women who have lost their partners at different times in history.

Between them, Vanessa Laine Bryant, the wife of the late NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter accident with his daughter Gigi and seven others on January 26, 2020. “It comforts me to know that Kobe and Gigi knew they were so deeply loved . We were incredibly blessed to have them in our lives, ”he said then.

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The pain of the widow Kobe Bryant has come out on repeated occasions when Vanessa has appeared in public or used social media to remember her beloved husband and little Gigi.

Micheline Roquebrune, widow of the Scottish actor Sean Connery, who died at the age of 90 on October 31, remembered her husband with whom she shared more than four decades of her life as “a wonderful model of man” with whom she shared “a wonderful life.”

Historical widows

The cases of Elizabeth II, Vanessa Bryant and Micheline Roquebrune are the most famous examples of famous people who have lost their partners in recent months, but there are many widows whose fame has transcended borders.

Jacqueline Kennedy (Bouvier, when she was single) will always be remembered as the “widow of America”, after the assassination of the president of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in 1963, and years later, in 1975, of the Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis.

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Of Carolina of Monaco The fact that she was the widow of Stefano Casiraghi, who died in an accident in a nautical race in 1990, is not forgotten, although she later married Ernesto de Hannover.

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About the singer Isabel Pantoja The label of “widow of Spain” continues to appear, although the death of her husband, the bullfighter Francisco Rivera ‘Paquirri’, dates back to 1984. By then, Yoko Ono She was already a famous widow, after the murder of her partner, Beatle John Lennon, in 1980.

Courtney Love She will always be the widow of the American singer, musician and composer Kurt Cobain, who died in 1994.

The world of the song also remembers other illustrious women who have been widowed, such as the Canadian Celine Dion, married to her representative René Agnelli for 22 years until his death in 2016.

That same year the famous singer David Bowie died, married to the Somali Faith, who at 65 continues to act as a model and maintains a vivid memory of her husband.

Nicoletta Mantovani, Luciano Pavarotti’s widow, has not forgotten her husband since his death in 2007. Mantovani has participated in various tributes and in the production of a documentary on the life of the Italian tenor in 2019, directed by Ron Howard.

“Luciano was a person who loved life in all its aspects and managed to attract the best of all. He always looked for the positive even in people with the most negative attitude. ‘If you want to grow, look for the beautiful’, he used to say, “the widow revealed then …

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The death of Steve Jobs, co-founder and president of Apple, in 2011 allowed him to know something more about his wife, Laurene Powell, who in recent years usually appears on the Forbes list of the richest women in the world.

These are some iconic cases that serve to pay tribute to the more than 258 million widows around the world, according to the United Nations, whom they remember on June 23, the day established in 2011 to shed light on the problems of this great collective.

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