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The pictures published by Windsor Castle featured a new hairstyle II. Elizabeth, as we have become accustomed to in recent decades. Since she rarely changes her hairstyle, they are already guessing what significance the change might have.

Although the 96-year-old ruler did not change the color of his snow-white hair, he cut his sides and back visibly shorter. Since for decades we could only see II with the same hairstyle. Queen Elizabeth, so it’s no wonder fans of the British royal family immediately spotted the change on social media.


“I love the Queen’s new hair!” One commenter wrote, while someone else added, “the queen paints wonderfully! Your new summer hairstyle is simply perfect! ”

II. Queen Elizabeth’s assistant, Angela Kelly, has also written that she had to take over the role of hairdresser alongside the queen during the coronavirus epidemic. “From March 2020, I washed the Queen’s hair weekly, dried and adjusted it, and even cut it off if I had to,” Kelly wrote in her book. “I was shaking for the first two weeks, so excited.” I had only done Her Majesty’s hairstyle a couple of times before when we were sailing on the royal yacht. The queen was very kind, she even showed me how to use curlers. ”


Another employee, who had long worked with the British royal family, had previously chanted that “the queen likes to spray a whole bottle of hairspray on her hair to make sure her hair stops and does not move under any circumstances”.

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“I was II for fifty years.  A replica of Queen Elizabeth ”“I was II for fifty years.  A replica of Queen Elizabeth ”

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