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the death of the Queen isabel II of the United Kingdom, after 70 years being the visible face of the British monarchy, has lent himself so that details of his private life are revealed.

His longevity and his stay on the throne are records in Great Britain, as Elizabeth is the monarch who has managed to have the longest reign in the history of her country.

These achievements have generated curiosity about the health of the recently deceased queen for decades and about what she ate to stay healthy, despite her advanced age.

One of the real chefsDarren McGrady revealed to ‘Hello!’ magazine, even though the queen was still alive, as was the feeding routine and the demands of the British monarch while he was at her service.

The queen had breakfast twice

McGrady recounted that Elizabeth II ate breakfast twice a day. The first breakfast, which seemed like a snack, consisted of tea without sugar and some cookies. The queen always had breakfast with her well-known dogs of the Corgi breed.

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The queen then had a second breakfast, which was more ‘heavy’as it was usually made up of cereals, toast with jam and yogurt.

However, he also had individual choices. One example was his preference for herring. In fact, in the book ‘Dining at Buckingham Palace’, Charles Oliver, a former servant of the monarchy, spoke about the queen’s predilection for this kind of fish and other types of smoked fish in the morning since the time of the Second World War.

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The menu was prepared in advance with cereals, yogurt, toast and jams that Elizabeth II combines with herring: fish that she incorporated in her breakfast since the days of the war, when she and Princess Margaret were still in Windsor castle, ”explained Darren.

Simplicity on the plate

McGrady explained that the queen had a simple palate for lunch, Well, he had no problem eating a plate of fish with vegetables. However, the monarch was very picky about starchy foods like potatoes or pasta when eating alone.

Sweet and salty at tea time

UK sweets are known for their flavor and for having high levels of sugar. For the queen, the famous tea time (tradition between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm) was a routine throughout her life.

During that time of day, Isabel II accompanied the tea with desserts such as chocolate cakes, gingerbread or cookies. “She is absolutely a chocoholic. Anything we put on the menu that had chocolate in it, she would choose, especially the perfect chocolate cake,” said McGrady.

However, there were days when he preferred to go for the side of salty food, because occasionally a cucumber sandwich with egg and smoked salmon.

the best for the end

At dinner time, Isabel II tasted more varied and abundant foodscontrary to what nutritionists recommend, as they say it is better to eat in smaller amounts at night, but the queen was contrary to that rule.

As a starter, Isabel II tasted the Gleneagles pâté with smoked salmon, trout or mackerel.

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According to McGrady, meat made an appearance in the monarch’s diet at dinner, as the main course was usually venison tenderloin with mushrooms in a whiskey sauce.

“Dinners were not light. As a main course he used to like the ‘Gaelic Steak’, a steak with mushroom sauce and whiskey. He also loved the Gleneagles pate which is smoked salmon, trout and mackerel.. We cooked mostly British and French food,” Darren recalled.

His taste for the fresh and his own

Darren said that the queen has always preferred to eat fresh food, mainly fruits that were grown in Windsor Castle or Balmoral Palace, such as strawberries and peaches, which were used to make pudding.

The queen preferred the fruits grown in her castles because she was certain that they were fresh foods recently grown under royal quality controls.

The alcohol

Despite having a balanced diet, the queen sometimes had her ‘short breaks’, as she had no problem taking a glass of German sweet wine, another of champagne, and an occasional dry martini with dinner.

It was also rumored that the queen always had a glass of gin before going to sleep, despite the warnings of the royal doctors.

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