Queen Elizabeth II relies on a contrast program

The Queen attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show – one of her favorite events of the year. She came up loosely dressed for it. All of this one day after Angela Merkel’s official visit.

Photo series with 32 pictures

It is said to be her favorite event of the year – and Queen Elizabeth II apparently saw that too. The 95-year-old was in a good mood at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, as the numerous pictures from the event show. The British monarch chose comfortable clothing for her visit to the equestrian tournament: she wore a dark blue, padded vest over a white blouse, combined with a green cardigan and a gray cotton skirt.

The event takes place at Windsor Home Park, next to Windsor Castle, where the Queen lives. The event has existed since 1943 and the monarch is always a guest, and her own horses have always competed.

Queen Elizabeth II .: The Queen is in a good mood. (Source: IMAGO / i Images)

Last year, the Royal Windsor Horse Show could not take place due to the corona pandemic. Elizabeth II seems all the more happy to be there again – in pictures of the event you can see the Queen smiling broadly.

Formal Merkel visit on Friday

A beaming smile from the Queen was also seen on Friday. The monarch had met Angela Merkel at Windsor Castle. But on this date, the queen chose a completely different style of clothing.

In a floral dress, the 95-year-old received the outgoing Chancellor for a private audience. The last time Merkel was received by the Queen there in 2014, the following year the monarch traveled to the German capital Berlin. Merkel also met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during her current visit to Great Britain, which will probably be her last as incumbent Chancellor.

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