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Queen Elizabeth’s Cup Full: You Can Withdraw Harry and Meghan’s Invitation to the Anniversary Celebration – World Star

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Everyone was surprised by the announcement that Harry herceg he has been working on his memoir for a year, which experts say will at least as much, if not stir, uplift the mood as the interview he gave to his wife Oprah Winfrey in March.

Although after the arrival of the prince and Meghan’s second child, Lilibet Diana, it seemed that peace could be restored, upon hearing the book, Harry once again fought the wrath of his family and the entire Buckingham Palace.

The news of Harry’s scandal book hit the queen in the heart

For many, the date of publication of the work cut off the collateral. The book will be published just the year it is Queen Elisabeth comes to the 70th anniversary of his reign. As we wrote earlier, the platinum jubilee will be a huge event in England, in July 2022 the British will celebrate with a four-day long weekend.

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According to the royal family’s original plans, the whole year would have been about the anniversary, as it would be a huge milestone, with Elizabeth becoming the first ruler in the monarchy to celebrate sitting on the throne for seven decades. Many fear that all of this will be dwarfed by Harry’s book, which will certainly pull the veil off of things more scandalous than ever.

The article continues after the recommender

The Daily Mail was told by an insider from the royal family, although the queen tried to offer peace to her younger granddaughter and Meghan by inviting them to join her and other members of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the ceremony, after which she could easily withdraw. invitation.

“Even though things have deteriorated a lot lately, it was a tiny ray of hope that maybe even family peace could be saved. His Majesty did his best to save the relationship with his grandson, but the news of the book was a bigger slap in the face for him than ever before, it could be the last straw. It is already questionable whether we will ever see Harry on the side of his family after this, people suspect the memoir will be the end of the story.

Another source in the paper says that Harry is publishing his book in just such an important year for his grandmother of great disrespect. According to him, this is a good example that the prince is no longer interested in what his relatives think of him.

Prince Harry and Princess Meghan live here

In our compilation you can see how beautiful the home of the ducal couple is in Montecito.


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