Queen Kamilla scolded Princess Sarolta, and then reprimanded Katalin II. At Elizabeth’s funeral

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Queen Camilla was not thrilled with little Sarolta’s behavior.

As we reported, the 7-year-old Princess Sarolta and the 9-year-old Prince George also participated in II. At Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday. The prince and princess were visibly shaken at their great-grandmother’s final farewell, but since they are children after all, it is perhaps not so surprising that the two children could not stand the long ceremony with a serious face.


Body language expert Jeremy Freeman noticed while watching the broadcast that during the parade at Wellington Arch, Prince George seemed to pinch his little sister. After the teasing, Sarolta looked behind her to see who it was, before turning back to the camera and apparently saying “Ow.”

The scene was witnessed by several family members: while Meghan smiled sympathetically at Sarolta, Queen Camilla tolerated the situation less well. According to the recording, he first warned Sarolta with his finger, then scolded Princess Katalin and told her to pay attention to her daughter. (You can watch the video of the case here.)

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