Queen Letizia, surprised by a sand storm

In the worst sandstorm in recent months in the Nouakchott region, Queen Letizia yesterday visited the Spanish cooperation project consisting of planting orchards in the middle of the desert so that more than a hundred families find a way to feed themselves and earn life.

On the second and last day of his trip to Mauritania, he traveled some 20 kilometers from the capital of the Maghreb country, Nouakchott, to see first-hand the orchards cultivated with drip irrigation in an area of ​​ten hectares, baptized as the Center for Agricultural innovation Queen Letizia.

The surprise was the sandstorm that broke out shortly before their arrival, which shortened the walk through the plots of about 650 square meters each, given to about 130 families to plant lettuce, tomatoes and other horticultural products. Doña Letizia, who had to put on glasses and a mask, spoke with some of the farmers, who showed her how they plant the land, separated from each other by forage cane plants to protect the crops precisely from the wind.