Queen Margrethe II of Denmark takes the title away from her grandchildren: she apologizes but doesn’t change her mind

The queen expressed her shock at the impact of her decision: “As a mother and grandmother, I underestimated the effects on my youngest son and his family. I’m sorry for this, but … “

The precedent is well known. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, in recent days, announced that the descendants of Joachim, her second son, will lose the title of princes. From 1 January 2023 they will only be able to use the title of accounts. They will no longer be “Royal Highnesses”. They will be simple “Excellencies”. Out of privileges and obligations and of court. This is the future that Margrethe envisioned. But she hadn’t anticipated reactions to her decision. It seems that Joachim and his wife Marie even cried in public. So, the queen decided to reply – photo | video

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CHILDREN WITHOUT TITLE – Let’s take a step back. Prince Joachim has four children. Two had by his first wife, Nikolai and Felix, model profession (more or less). The other two, Henrik and Athena, still little ones, he got from Marie. The queen made this decision because she “wants her four grandchildren to shape their lives without being limited by the aspects and obligations that formal membership in the Royal House of Denmark entails.”

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THE LAST HUMILIATION – But this choice of the queen had a very strong echo. Also for the similarities with the Windsor saga. Marie and Mary (the wife of the first-born heir to the throne) can’t stand each other, just like Kate and Meghan. Heir Frederik and his brother Joachim are on the run, as are William and Harry. Also for these disagreements, Joachim and Marie were transferred (despite their lively protests) to the Danish embassy in Paris. This story of the titles “stolen” from their children was experienced as a further humiliation. Thus, another press release from Palazzo arrived. “There have been strong reactions to my decision on the noble title of my four grandchildren, sons of Joachim. I was very impressed, ”wrote Margrethe.

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“I AM SORRY, BUT …” – The queen explained her decision in more detail: «It has been made some time ago. After 50 years on the throne it is natural to look forward and not backward, and make sure the monarchy keeps up with the times. Sometimes, tough decisions have to be made. The title of prince entails a series of obligations which, in the future, will affect a small number of royals. It is a necessary adjustment. I made my decision as queen, mother and grandmother. But as a mother and grandmother, I underestimated the effect this decision would have on my youngest son and his family. I was very impressed, and I’m sorry for that. Nobody should doubt that my children, my in-laws and my grandchildren are my great joy and pride. I hope that we can have the necessary peace to overcome this situation in the family, among us ».