First time of few emotions. Querétaro was cold and calculating and that worked for him, because Santos did not have scoring opportunities.

The second half was a totally different story, there was no clear dominator and both cadres had options. At 50 'and at 51' Santos showed that he entered with another rhythm to the complementary part but Volpi was present with a great save , and in the subsequent play, Doria failed.

The response of the Roosters came immediately. First was Gomez who knocked on the door Orozc or and two minutes later Sanvezzo with a free kick he put a sweat to the keeper of the 'laguneros'.

At 59 ', Villalva scored the second with a great left-footed shot and impossible for the 'albiverde' keeper. And from that moment the game changed. Santos advanced lines and became more dangerous, although he also left spaces behind.

At 76 ', Preciado failed in an incredible way an option to which he only had to put his foot to send the ball to the net. After Volpi, almost at the end, confirmed his role as hero Manoteando a shot of Lozano that went to the frame and ended in the post.

Finally , Jonathan Rodríguez approached Santos with two minutes to play, thanks to a somewhat injured play inside the area, 'cabecita' found the ball and put the final 2-1.

Santos stayed in third and Querétaro is tenth, tied with Pachuca and Monarcas, who have 22 points but better goal difference than Rafael Puente.


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