Queue for four hours. Increased interest in vaccinations continues

“We waited for about four hours,” Dana’s reader told the News what it looked like at Prague’s main railway station. “There’s still a piano and sometimes someone comes to play,” she added in exaggeration.

The vaccination center at Prague’s main railway station is operated by the Bulovka University Hospital. Its spokeswoman Eva Libiger said his staff has been vaccinating about 500 people a day in recent days. “It was 464 on Saturday, 449 on Friday and 505 on Thursday. We would like to point out again that those who want to be vaccinated must not forget their health insurance card, ID card and, in the case of foreigners, their passport. Of course, the documents must be valid, “she said.

According to a vaccine center employee, the queue was at about one hour in another large vaccination center without registration in the Westfield Chodov shopping center, and it was gradually shortening. Saturday was longer at the same time, people had to count on at least an hour and a half.

Many waiters admitted that circumstances forced them to be vaccinated against covid, especially the tightening of anti-epidemic measures. In Chodov, it is vaccinated with a two-dose Pfizer vaccine, which can be given to those aged 16 and over. The majority of those waiting were young people.

Practically without waiting, those interested in vaccinations at the Congress Center in Vyšehrad were checked in after noon. Prior to this weekend, it expanded operating hours and increased vaccination capacity. “Due to the development of the pandemic situation, we are extremely open on the weekend of November 20 and 21. every day from 8:00 to 20:00. We expect even without registration. Janssen single-dose and Comirnaty (Pfizer) single-dose vaccines are available, ”said Medicon, which runs the vaccine center.

Twenty-five-year-old Petr, who has not yet been vaccinated, also went to Vyšehrad. “I originally planned to get vaccinated at Central Station, but when I saw it there, a friend advised me to come here,” he said. He is vaccinated mainly because he likes to swim, and from Monday a test will not be enough for him in the pool. “I don’t agree with that, but what can I do,” he added.

At present, the validity of vaccination to demonstrate protection against covid-19 is not limited. In recent days, some experts have pointed to the possible lower protection of the Janssen disposable vaccine after several months. Deputy Minister of Health Martina Koziar Vašáková told Czech Television that people will probably be able to be revaccinated against covid-19 after only five months instead of the current six-month period.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, there were 14,402 confirmed cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic on Saturday. This is the highest day off in the entire epidemic. Compared to last Saturday, this is an increase of more than 5,000 infected. On Friday, laboratories detected 22,936 infected, the most during the epidemic.

Due to the rapidly deteriorating epidemic situation, the covid-19 tests will no longer be recognized as a covid certificate from Monday. When entering restaurants, hotels, service establishments or mass events, people will only have to prove themselves by a complete vaccination or proof of covidid in the last six months. Testing in schools will continue and unvaccinated employees in companies will also start testing on a regular basis.