Quicksink: the new US weapon that will change naval wars – USA – International

While the racket of humanity continues with daily technological advances, news of the pandemic and general concerns, a secret parallel world moves silently in the great powers in terms of weapons.

This was ratified with the recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia, where weapons such as so-called hypersonic missiles have come to the fore, that Russia uses for the first time.

Well, the United States is not far behind either with the developments in war weapons.

His new breakthrough is called the Quicksink, a new weapon that experts say could change naval warfare. “This new bomb has an efficiency similar to that of heavy torpedoes and is capable of sinking enemy ships kilometers away, in a few seconds,” explains a report in the Spanish newspaper

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The weapon has already been tested, experimentally, in simulators that show how this bomb – which is dropped from the air – can split a giant ship in two.

“With the development of this new weapon, a experimentally guided bomb, the US Army intends to create a new model of low-cost anti-ship weapons that can destroy a ship in just seconds with a force similar to a much more powerful and expensive one,” explains the Spanish portal.

Note that the gunIt features a GPS-based navigation system at the tail, while at the front it features a Seeker for Open Weapon Systems Architecture (WOSA) that enables pinpointing of maritime targets. It does this through radio frequency, something that allows the weapon to find its target, even if it is moving.”

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In this way, the global arms race does not let up, in an inexplicable attempt, at this moment of humanity, to continue letting itself be carried away by “egos” that could be unfortunate in the future.