Quintana: “I want to add more titles to my story”

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During a press conference organized this Wednesday in Colombia, Nairo Quintana took everyone on the wrong foot by letting it be known that he was going to continue his career! “A real runner does not surrender in the face of adversity”, he said in particular. A surprise announcement since the latest news concerning the Colombian climber suggested that he was going to announce his retirement during this press conference. Determined to achieve great feats in the biggest races in the world, the winner of the Tour of Italy 2014 a you Tour of Spain 2017 must now find a high-level team, which will not be easy given what happened this summer on the Tour de Francewith this positive test for tramadol and this disqualification that he drags like a ball… “I will go to Europe with my manager to negotiate with teams”also said the native of Combita.

Video – Nairo Quintana… he decided not to retire

Nairo Quintana: “I want to write more titles in the history of Nairo Quintana”

Nairo Quintanapresent on stage, spoke this Wednesday in Colombia to journalists and fans present on the square, here is his speech: “Cycling lovers, journalists and all the people who have followed me during my career, the life of a cyclist, whether he is a leader, a team member, a member of an important WorldTour team or just a team professionally, this sport has taught us to fight, we are fighters. I want to come back to competition, give a bib, feel the need to belong to a team, the pain in the legs during the effort. But also the satisfaction of winning and giving my best all the way to the line. I want that, I need it, because the competition is in me. I also need a better atmosphere, to be calm and focused on my life as a cyclist. My wish is to take the flag of my country to the top in the biggest races in the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers and fans, for your kindness, it has been fundamental in recent months. […] For now, I want to continue and write more titles in the history of Colombian cycling and in the history of Nairo Quintana.”

Retirement or Team Corratec or Team Medellin-EPM…?

Only a few days ago, louis quintanafather of the professional runner, announced the chain sports snail than his son was ready to return to Europe to finalize the contract with his new team: “Nothing official yet. we don’t know which team he will race in, but he will go to Europe this weekend to finalize a deal.“And according to the Gazzetta dello Sportit is towards Team Corratec, an Italian team playing at ProTeam level, led by the Combita native, with negotiations still ongoing. Before that the Team Medellin-EPM had also tried to afford the services of Nairo Quintanaafter having offered those of Miguel Angel Lopez.

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