Quinté+: Black Boa, our gamble in the Quinté+ of this Monday January 17 at Pau

The table of starters

The forces present

Very easy winner here even last winter, Black Boa (13) was sidelined between April and December. Above all, he must not be condemned on his last performance where his jockey took the wrong course.

Behind this probably very speculative gamble, we will retain the candidacy of Avel de Kerbarh (8), an eclectic subject capable of revealing himself for his first handicap on the steeplechase.

Presented by the very skilful Gabriel Leenders, Milanesca (2) should show progress on his last outing on this course.

We will then retain it ahead of Genesis As (6), which concluded its 2021 season with a fourth place in a Quinté+ at Auteuil, and Funky du Mestivel (16), well placed at the bottom of the table.

In full possession of her means, Beryl Bay (11) will have supporters with Zeply (1), wearing blinkers for the first time.

Although up 3 kilos for his last success on this course, Ite Missa Est (5) also keeps his chances.

Equidia’s forecast

By Charly Milpied

The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros

1 Zeply

After seven months of absence, this resident of Didier Guillemin now has two courses in his legs and remains on a good third here, for his return to the steeplechase. Wearing blinkers for the first time, he deserves credit despite his heavy load of 72 kilos.

Didier Guillemin, trainer:

Zeply (1) disappointed me at the start of the meeting. The blinkers will do him good. It is taken a little high in value but appears to be in good condition. He must dispute the arrival.

2 Milanesca

Third in the Prix Karcimont at the start of the season at Auteuil, this resident of Gabriel Leenders was sidelined between March 28 and December 2. Recent sixth in Ite Missa Est (5) on the course that interests us, it is likely to show clear progress here.

Gabriel Leenders, trainer:

Milanesca (2) had a break this year to prepare Pau. He would need heavy ground to aim for the win. She still lacked pace last time and should be better this time around.

3 Argentier

At 12, this resident of Eric Leray is the dean of this Quinté+. Winner of this same event in 2018, it still retains good remains and does not seem out of the question for a small place at the end of the combination.

The reporter’s opinion:

Pau specialist, Argentier (3) arrives in good shape for this event. The weight is not a problem for him and he no longer has to prove himself at this level. He has a very good chance.

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4 Guarantee of Success

After two honorable attempts in Quinté+ over hurdles this autumn, this son of Network has just made a winning comeback over a steeplechase at this same course. On its way, we can again expect good behavior from it.

Dominique Bressou, trainer:

Gage de Réssite (4) won well last time. I’m afraid he lacks a bit of steeplechase experience in such a field. The slightly more buoyant track will be rather an advantage for him. If he doesn’t put in too much effort jumping, he should finish in the top five.

5 Ite Missa East

This resident of Jean-Pierre Daireaux assured us of her form on December 31 by imposing herself with authority against Beryl Baie (11) on the same course. Although she has gained 3 kilos for this success, she can still shine.

Jean-Pierre Daireaux, trainer:

The blinkers closed did Ite Missa Est (5) good last time. Engagement is quite good. Its weight is not a problem. With her, everything is a question of goodwill

6 Genesis As

For his first attempt in a Quinté+, this resident of Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé finished fourth in the Quinté+ of 28 November at Auteuil. Presented here with freshness, it still seems able to finish in the right combination.

The reporter’s opinion:

The last attempt by Genesis As (6) in an event at Auteuil is excellent. Not seen since, it was certainly kept in view of this great race. wary

7 Harmix

While he had not been seen on the track for fourteen months, this son of Gémix has just finished third here behind Gage de Réussite (4) and Gooaaal (10). Never further than fifth in six attempts on the steeplechase, he deserves a note of suspicion.

Jean-Pierre Daireaux, trainer:

Harmix (7) won at Pau at 4 years old. He subsequently experienced health problems which fortunately returned to normal. It has quality and made a very good comeback. He rode this race and has to be competitive.

8 Avel de Kerbarh

Equally at ease over hurdles as on the steeplechase, this resident of Anne-Sophie Pacault shows overall commendable regularity. After six months of absence, he now has two courses in his legs and can distinguish himself for his first handicap on the “big ones”.

The reporter’s opinion:

A little disappointing last time in hurdles, Avel de Kerbarh (8) finds the steeplechase and the handicaps with ambitions. Very well placed in weight over the big obstacles, it has a good part to play.

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9 Oudairies Challenge

Discarded from the tracks after his second place in July in a Quinté+ at Clairefontaine, this son of Vision d’Etat has just finished fourth in a claiming event here for his comeback. He is attacking a tougher opposition on Monday.

Mikaël Mescam, trainer:

Défi d’Oudairies (9) took a long time to get back in shape. After his return race, I think he has really evolved in the right direction. Above all, I hope to find my horse and see him run well.

10 Gooaaal

After two podiums in the fall, this second cartridge of Gabriel Leenders has just assured us of its form by inserting itself between Gage de Réussite (4) and Harmix (7) on this same track. To be watched for its first attempt in a Quinté+.

Gabriel Leenders, trainer:

Gooaaal (10) has just run very well. I’m starting to know him well and the horse seems to me to be in great shape. At this weight, I’m confident.

11 Beryl Baie

Deprived of his victory on December 14 for a course error, this representative of Peltier training only found Ite Missa Est (5) to block his path to success, sixteen days later, still on this route. Third in this Quinté+ last year, it should again sell its chances dearly.

Camille Peltier, trainer:

Beryl Bay (11) is in fine form at the moment. On Monday, he finds Thomas Beaurain and should make the finish again, if the track is not too fast.

12 Captain Speaking

This ex-Briton concluded his 2021 season with two consecutive successes at Compiègne (October 30) and Mont-de-Marsan (November 14). For his comeback and his debut in Pau, he is attacking the strongest part here. To have.

Nicolas Littmoden, trainer:

In great shape, Captain Speaking (12) must still prove his competitiveness against such opponents. Capable of moving forward, he is not incapable of surprising.

13 Black Good

Very easy winner here even last winter, this resident of Erwan Grall was excluded from the slopes between April and December. Above all, he must not be condemned on his last performance where his jockey took the wrong course. Very fun poker move.

Erwan Grall, trainer:

Black Boa (13) has been primed for this run. He would have been better on heavy ground but the track shouldn’t bother him. He can go ahead. In this Quinté+, we are aiming for the win.

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14 Strength Of Garry

After ten months of absence, this son of Ballingarry showed great consistency in the provinces at the end of last season. It is aiming much higher this time and will especially interest lovers of big odds.

Laurent Much, trainer:

I would have preferred Forza Di Garry (14) to be at the start of the second round. The horse is in good shape and likes soft ground. He does all his errands and has been working well on the turf recently. It has to go well, but it is not incapable of taking up a place.

15 Flag Star

Without being a champion, this son of Satri generally gives the best of himself in competition. With a value of 55, it does not seem totally unable to confuse the cards for its first attempt in a Quinté+.

Nicholas Devilder, trainer:

Flag Star (15) has been a little worse lately, which is why he didn’t run. He is better now. I would have preferred him to fall in the second trial. If it were to take up a place at the end of the combination, I would be very satisfied.

16 Funky du Mestivel

While he had not been seen since May 2020, this resident of Patrice Quinton immediately ranked second for his return on December 4 on the same course. Even if it has not completely confirmed during its next attempt, it can take advantage of its favorable weight to shine.

Patrice Quinton, trainer:

Funky du Mestivel (16) would have been better in the second race but he has no other races. It is good but seems to me barred in this Quinté+. It is better in really heavy ground.

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The stat of the day

Reference races

On 31/12, Ite Missa East won the Louis la Caze Prize, handicap already contested on the 4000m course, on the steeplechase. He was ahead Beryl Baie. Milanesca and Funky du Mestivel concluded six and seventh. To note that Black Good animated the race before taking the wrong course, at the start of the line opposite. He finished his career behind.

Second race that can serve as a reference, the Jean Lanta Prize (28/12). Steeplechase with conditions, the first three of this event will be at the start this Monday: Pledge of Success, Gooaaal and Harmix.

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