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Mario, Luigi and company are donning visors and crampons today to take the green by storm with the all-new Mario Golf : Super Rush. The result: an addicting and exhilarating game that will amaze both club pros and sportsmen.

He has come a long way, this Mario, since his beginnings at Nintendo. His most recent intergalactic adventures have proven it time and time again: the Mushroom Kingdom is now struggling to contain the energies of our mustached hero and his gang. And the same goes for its sports activities – whether they take place on race tracks, tennis courts or even golf courses – rarely confined to the usual places.

Mario Golf : Super Rush, launched yesterday, does not content itself with simply inviting the players to the green. Yes, there are the more traditional courses, bordered by lush lawns and sandy pits. But the more intrepid will soon leave them in favor of arid deserts, crowded stadiums or other environments borrowed from the universes in which our heroes are used to evolving.

0626 WE - jeux - mario golf : super rush

Photo courtesy, Nintendo

Defy convention

We are not limited to traditional or even linear golf games either. With different modes including many adventures and challenges, here we break both dusty stereotypes and certain conventions, without risking offending the purists.

Just think of the “Fast Golf” mode, where four players run simultaneously, racing to reach their ball after each stroke. The result is a pretty chaos reminiscent of the best years of Mario Party and at the same time breaking the routine and redundancy that inevitably sets in over the hours spent indulging in a single sport on a console.

0626 WE - jeux - mario golf : super rush

Photo courtesy, Nintendo

Accessible to everyone

First observation during our test: no need to know the basics or even the basics of golf to join Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and company on the green. The grip is particularly easy and accessible, even for those who do not know how to distinguish an iron from a wood or a putter (group to which the author of these lines belongs, by the way).

An exhaustive lexicon is also accessible via the main menu to help novices unravel the “bogey”, “birdie” and other “baffy” of golf jargon. A very good idea, considering the impressive demographic of Mario fans.

As for the control mechanics, two choices are available to players here. Those less experienced will definitely prefer the more conventional mode, where the push of a button activates the golfer on the screen. The more seasoned can indulge in the “gyroscope” mode for a more complete and physical experience. Joy-Con controllers act as a stick, with motion sensors measuring force and momentum with stunning precision.

0626 WE - jeux - mario golf : super rush

Photo courtesy, Nintendo

Colorful and inviting

Visually, this new video game offering lives up to the standards – incredibly high – set by Nintendo over the years. The bédéesque and colorful aesthetic is rendered here with meticulousness and brilliance, as are the 16 playable characters, all adorned with funny clothes for the occasion. To the usual heroes are added here the Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Pauline and other Boo and Bob-omb to create a diverse and balanced team.

Finally, Nintendo has never offered its heroes such a complete and completed sporting adventure, to which we have already devoted an impressive number of hours without ever experiencing even an ounce of weariness. It’s a very, very safe bet that Mario Golf : Super Rush will quickly establish itself as a must-have in Quebec households as well as in those around the world.

  • Mario Golf : Super Rush (4,5/5)

Available on Nintendo Switch