Mats Hummels expects a lot of criticism. Manuel Neuer complains about the poor goal achievement. Joachim Löw recognizes lack of self-confidence. Reactions to the 0: 3 of the DFB-Elf against the Netherlands.

Joachim Löw (national coach) on ZDF: "It was not just our loss of opportunity that was the reason for the defeat, but after losing 1-0 we realized that we lacked confidence and we were in control of the match until 1-0 and we had a good chance, but we did not make it To put the ball in the goal, which would be good for the self-confidence. That we break apart in the end, is bad. "

Mats Hummels: "We lost 3-0 even though we actually have to win the game, we had a lot of bad luck, it was not a specific player and now we are here with a 0-3 and we'll definitely get ahold of it, and we can do that Do not blame us much. "

Manuel Neuer: "Of course there is more and more, we have not made enough of our chances, we would have had the chance to lead, in the end we were very open and of course made mistakes." Before the match, each one of us signaled to the coach that we are ready for the game. "

An evening to scare

Germany loses shocking against the Netherlands. "That's a question of lack of opportunity," says Mats Hummels. But the team reveals even more deficits at 0: 3 than lack of coolness before the goal.

By Philipp Selldorf




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