Qvc ranks companies where people work best

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Among the more than two thousand selected companies in 121 countries around the world there is also the Brianza-based reality of the multinational Qvc. The company based in Brugherio, world leader in video commerce on TV channels, has obtained the Top Employers 2023 certification for the third consecutive year.

“QVC Italia has made the well-being of its team one of the central values” they explain from the company. There are 2,052 certified companies in 121 countries around the world. “For QVC Italia it is the well-being of its employees and collaborators, the bottom-up approach that involves team members in strategic and decision-making processes, as well as care and attention to people’s needs” reads the note. Numerous initiatives have been undertaken by the company for employee well-being: after an initial experimental phase that began in 2018 and continued until 2022, it has now defined its own smart working formula which provides for the majority of the team to perform office tasks (360 out of 500 total) a minimum of 5 days a month in presence. The face-to-face days are designed to enhance connections and carry out collaboration, relationship, socializing and discussion activities.

“This evolution has also led to an important technological investment and the disbursement of a sum of money to the team to support the purchase of tools to organize a suitable workstation at one’s home. The spaces in the company, on the other hand, have been enriched with a collaboration room where people can talk, meet and relax and a pet room that allows you to work in a welcoming environment even for your pet”.

“The Top Employers certification, which we receive for the third consecutive year, is a source of great pride for us and the confirmation that we have embarked on an important path that we want to continue along – underlines Anna Specchia, Director People Lead of QVC Italia – the reality that we are living is constantly evolving and this stimulates us to ask ourselves new questions to evolve our organizational methods by adapting them to the needs of our team. Recognitions of this type represent fundamental milestones for celebrating successes and restarting even more determined and aware of one’s values”.

The certification

The Top Employers Certification is issued annually to companies that reach and satisfy the high standards required by the HR best practices survey. The survey covers 6 macro areas in the HR area, examining and analyzing in detail 20 different areas including HR strategies, work environment, selection and onboarding of talented people, training, diversity, equity and inclusion, well-being and many others. In 2023, Top Employers Institute recognized and certified 2,052 companies in 121 countries around the world.

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