R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual abuse and trafficking of women | NOW

R. Kelly has been sentenced by a New York court to a prison sentence of thirty years. The 55-year-old singer was already found guilty in September 2021 of luring women and girls and then sexually abusing and allowing them to be abused.

Kelly has been incarcerated for almost three years now, because he is considered a flight risk.

The singer, known for hits like I Believe I Can Fly in Bump n’ Grind, was found guilty of sex trafficking and possession and production of child pornography in September 2021. The judge also saw sufficient evidence that the singer sexually abused the women, who in some cases were minors.

Kelly herself has always maintained his innocence. In an interview with TV channel CBS, recorded shortly after the first official charges were filed, he expressed emotional. “How stupid would that be? To be stupid enough to lock them up in my basement and not feed them? All those rumors, they’re all untrue. I didn’t do this, I’m fighting for my life right now .”

The singer is already planning to appeal the ruling. Even if Kelly decides not to appeal, he won’t be ready in court: he is due to appear in Chicago on August 1. There he is suspected of possessing and trading child pornography.