R. Lee Ermey: Quotes from the man who liked to scream

R. Lee Ermey: Quotes from the man who liked to scream

R. Lee Ermey died at the age of 74, the former Marine and later actor. In Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” he runs to the film starts She screams at rows of recruits, intimidates her. Not a few viewers find this to be the best scene in the whole movie. You can not get over his yelling and lines like this: “Who the hell said that? Who’s the slimy, cock-sucking, shit-communist flash-marker who’s just signed his own death warrant? Or, “You should fuck away from here, or I’ll unscrew your head and shit in your throat!” 150 pages with curses and insults Or: “Soldier, I give you three seconds, exactly three shitty seconds to wipe that stupid grin off your face, otherwise I’ll rip your eyes and fuck in the holes!” Ermey was originally only a military advisor, after eleven years with the Marines and fourteen months in Vietnam. When he brought Kubrick a little book with 150 pages of curses and insults that he had noted in his service, the test took pictures with Ermey, where he was pelted with oranges and tennis balls and still roared on. “You are puke! Tonight you will sleep with your guns. You will give your rifle the name of a girl, because it will be the only cunt she gets in her hand. The days when you fingered Mary-Jane’s decaying step through her pink panties are over! ” “You will be priests of death” “If you girls leave my island, if you survive the basic training, you will be a weapon. You will be priests of death praying for war. But you’re puke up to this day. You are the lowest form of life on earth. You are not even human beings. You’re nothing but a bunch of amphibious shit. ” So far, these were movie quotes. But Ermey was in real life too Member of the National Rifle Association , a prominent member of the board along with, among others, actor colleague Tom Selleck. And so there are many quotes from interviews that Ermey gave. About the Obama administration “She will not stop until she has brought this land to its knees. So we should all get up and turn them away because it is destroying our land. It is bankrupting us so that it can impose socialism on us. ” “Lazy are the new cripples” About parenting methods : “I know what the two most effective teaching aids are. Number one: pain. Number two: scared. ” About welfare recipients : “Nowadays Lazy are the new cripples.” Ermey at his favorite activity Source: picture alliance / United Archive Asked if he would put himself to the election : “No. This old man has too many skeletons in his closet. I’ve visited a few brothels, a few tattoo artists and poorly publicized places too much. What a pleasure they would have to dig out those bones. ” Quite a few media have ennobled R. Lee Ermey in the death announcements as a “cult figure”. Let’s continue to quote Mr. Ermey. “For me, it is an honor for the military to ask me if I want to go to Iraq, Afghanistan or Gitmo (Guant√°namo). Gladly!” “All boys in this country are castrated” Or: We castrated all the boys in this country. Some commit suicide because they bullied someone in school. As a child, I tried diplomacy first, and if that did not work, I resorted to violence, beaten the other man on the snotty nose and sent him down. ” Ermey did not just propaganda for the NRA. He also advertised, so for the gun manufacturer Glock. In a spot A long-haired man tries to get into the apartment of a beautiful woman. She gets a Glock out of her safe, and when the man opens her apartment door, she stands there with a gun attached. He faints him. When he awakes again, he is handcuffed, Ermey slides into the picture and says, “Wrong Girl!” About his equipment : “Every night, before I go to bed, I run out to my safe hole a 357 Magnum and put it on my bedside table.” “Buffalo give the best hamburger” About his hunting trips to Africa : “Last year I killed the Cape buffalo, a lion, a lioness and a black wildebeest. This year I want to get an elephant, a hippopotamus, a crocodile and a lepard in front of the rifle. I’m taking my new rifle, a 416 Rigby. About the contents of his freezer : “I have four chests full of game. Every year I hunt in Northern California and always shoot an old buffalo bull, which gives the best hamburger in this crazy world. ” About his blackheads “I have six kids, and that’s why there are five girls, and I kept going until the boy came. They all have freezers at home. ” “A day without blood,” Ermey once said, “is like a day without the sun.” And, on another occasion, “Honestly, I think I’m a role model for young people.” So American youth is now Model lost.

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