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Rachel Johnson introduces the breasts live on Sky News to support the Brexit

Rachel Johnson showed her breasts during a discussion on Brexit live on Sky News.

The sister of Tory's MP Boris told the audience that she was speaking out on her naked stunt in response to pro-national Victoria Bateman, who fled this week on BBC Radio 4 and Good Morning Britain.

Rachel baffled her co-hosts and unbuttoned her silk blouse to show her bare chest as she presented the latest news program The Pledge on Thursday night.

She said, "As I know, today it can be difficult to hear your voice over Brexit.

"It feels like we've reached the saturation point. Join pro-EU activist Victoria Batemen, who this week found a remarkable way to attract attention.

Rachel Johnson unbuttoned her blouse on Sky News

Then she pulled off her top to show her bare breasts

Rachel said it was all in the name of encouraging Brexit discussions

"To be completely transparent across the media to make various points about Brexit – to let Britain naked.

"In tribute to Dr. Baker, I've decided to follow the example – every time we decide to talk about Brexit, just to make sure I'm noticed."

Their co-hosts did not know where to look when Rachel looked completely into the camera and her modesty was blurred to the audience at home.

But in the studio, Carole Malone pointed out that Nick Ferrari had turned bright red.

Nick Ferrari was not impressed by the stunt

Carole Malone chuckled at Rachel's antics

Rachel's chest had to be blurry for the audience at home

"Ferarri is speechless!" shouted Carole.

While panelist June Sarpong complimented, "Go Rachel, you look good."

As laughter threatened to throw the show into further chaos, Rachel announced, "I'll get dressed, I'll put her down."

Then she walked over to her co-star while hiding her modesty in front of the camera.

Rachel's bare stunt comes in response to Dr. Victoria Bateman, who appeared naked for a Brexit discussion on GMB

Dr. Bateman said she wanted to show that the Brexit would leave "Britain naked"

Rachel's stunt comes after anti-Brexit activist Dr. Victoria Bateman had left this week on BBC Radio 4 and again at Good Morning Britain.

The "naked economist" had the words "Brexit leaves Britain naked" on the chest to argue that the country will be "exposed" and "naked economically".

GMB presenter Kate Garraway explained that Dr. Bateman was blurred to "protect her modesty" and not offend the viewers when watching at home.

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Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway interviewed a naked Dr. Victoria Bateman on GMB

Kate said, "She's totally naked here, she's not wearing any clothes at all, we blurred the pictures to protect her modesty, even if you do not want it."

Discussed Bateman on the reasons for her bare appearance: "As an economist, I'm used to using words and equations to argue.

"In the run-up to the referendum, I must have written thousands of words why Britain's Brexit would be bad, I have much more to do with pictures than words – the power of film, television, fashion.

"I thought I would condense all those thousands of words into a simple, single message that Brexit will let Britain go nude."

Dr. Bateman was stripped on BBC Radio 4

John Humphrys looked a little disturbed

Days before her sensational appearance at GMB, Dr. Bateman on BBC Radio 4's Today.

The 75-year-old host John Humphrys appeared perplexed when the activist Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg challenged to a naked debate.

Mr. Humphrys repeatedly interviewed the business colleagues – whose naked Brexit conversation (attention: nudity in the link) went viral this week – about why she could not wear her clothes.

However, she said that it shows that leaving the EU is like the emperor's new clothes.

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